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Printed dot spot faux leather
Printed dot spot faux leather

Printed dot spot faux leather

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Note :

1: In order to prevent the original image being copied and Plagiarism, so the clarity is deliberately lowered. But no worry, the real products effect is good and clarity.

2. Faux leather trimmed by hand. Item may leave raw edge and may have 0.5-1.5cm deviation. Pattern direction cutting by random.

3. Due to the Production Process, in the products back side maybe will happen little dirty or some glue Imprint in it. But does not influences the use. And no worry, most leather backside are clean and flawless, just few will happen this problem, if happen hope you can understand and accept.

4. If you choose chunky glitter, pls note the clarity of this printing effect Sharpness will decrease,the pattern cannot be as clear as the ordinary material.

The above situation ,If you mind, please cautious to order.

Product Effect Display Sample Diagram:



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